Dave is Scaredy's best friend for life.Dave can be a little extreme,give bad advice,and get out of hand,but hes always there for Scaredy,like Scaredy is for him.Dave so far has appeared in EVREY episode,just like Scaredy.He is shown to 'love' to go on The Rollercoaster Of Fear,when Scaredy is afraid,but its later revealed Scaredy thinks the rollercoaster is awesome and Dave had the thrill of his life.Also,in one episode,Dave completely ignored Scaredy for the whole episode becouse he wanted to give the weather fans(scaredy's fans) awesomeness and extremeness.He also was furious and super mad at Scaredy in one episode,when Scaredy made up something that evryebody thought was real.Dave can be ignorant to Scaredy at some points due to Scaredys safety rules.


Dave is a Black/Dark Blue skunk with a white stripe who wears a white t-shirt and a orange jacket.He has a tuff of fur on his head,these characteristics pointing him out from other skunks.


Dave is Extreme,and Awesome in his opinion.Though,in the show,without his opinion,his personality is Extreme,Awesome,Ignorant,Fearfull,Nice,and Furios,and many more due to his personality changing through the show-though there is one personality that will also stick out and stay for Dave.Being dumb.


So far,every episode.


Scaredy Squirrel: Dave has a best-friend-relationship with Scaredy,and he goes through litterally everything with Scaredy no matter what.Dave wouldnt leave Scaredy's side when he needs help,of course,inless Dave is being awesome,ignorant,or extreme.


  • He is Scaredy Squirrels best friend forever/life/etirnity.
  • Hes always being extreme,ignorant,nice,or awesome.
  • Hes almost always ahead of Scaredy.
  • He is really gullable. as he always falls for Scaredys "going through a tunnel" lie.