Aisle Of The Dead is an episode of Scaredy Squirrel.


It Starts with Scaredy going to Dave in his refrigerator Scaredy asks Dave whats he doing Dave says his fridge ran out of cold and he cant take it anymore.Scaredy then advises Dave to use a "Hat Of Cool" to help him. The Camera Then Shoots to The Stash n' Hord. A sheep takes off his wool while the other revealed to be a wolf. the sheep says that he could of told him Then eats him. Scaredy then walks in the Stash N'Hord To find out that its the coolest place in Balsa. Scaredy then takes off his hat of cool then Nestor comes and tells Scaredy that a cools store means more money which means that momma will be proud of him. Which she says "Fat Chance!" then Nestor tells Scaredy that he got ice cream sandwwich massages, he got the air conditioner working overtime And he got the brainfreezer 9000. Everyone is waiting for the Brainfreezer Nestor then tells scaredy to get to work. which Scaredy does, Scaredy then gives a Brainfreezer to everyone but Dave, who was in a Firetruck in the store Which Dave replied to "Some of us had work to do." Then the heatwave gets worse and Scaredy Asks Dave if he wants to borrrow his hat of cool. Which Dave says he has somthing cooler--- Ice Pants. Scaredy then continue to walk until he bumps into a Bear who just throws his brainfreezer to the ground. Scaredy then berades him to pick up the bottle but the bear turns into a zombie and chases Scaredy and Dave. They Escape only to find Other Guys zombified too. Then a bunny rabbit that Scaredy served a Brainfreezer too comes in and broke his hat of cool. Scaredy tells Dave to Hold on Tight and uses his paddleball to Escape. The Guys say friends to the bunny rabbit girl while shaking hands. Scaredy then tells dave that he says "Somthing is wrong with my happy customers, Think of it, First they are drinking brainfreezers then, ZOINKS!" zombies are waiting for Dave and Scaredy at Scaredy's House. The Zombies say Braaains but Dave thought they said Braid. They nod no. then Dave said Bran Muffin They still nod no Then Scaredy said "Was it Brains?" They nod yes. After a Brief Chase Scaredy then tells Dave that they must destroy the BrainFreezer machine. The taxi Driver then comments how it was a total lockdown then Tells The Guys that they gotta find somthing to do. The driver then asks for a game of rock paper scissors but got zombified before saying scissors. The Camera then shows Sally walking Out of The Stash N' Hord looking zombish herself but then uses her inhaler then tells scaredy that she was stareing at him. but then changed the subject to how she didnt know he worked there. Scaredy Informes her of the situation. Then Nestor Berades Scaredy for locking out his customers which Scaredy replies by saying "They Are Not Customers, Their Monsters! Nestor says nonsense Then realizes then runs away. Scaredy then Asks the group if they drunk any brainfreezers which Sally says She only eat what Scaredy Eats. Nestor doesnt eat anything from the store. Scaredy then tells them good then tries to think of a plan. But Nestor Freaks out and grabs a Brainfreezer then becomes zombified. After a brief Chase, Scaredy,Sally,and Dave go to Nestors office then Scaredy tries to think of a plan. Sally then Suggests to tell stories but Dave says Boring then Sally gets into his face and insults him. Dave then has to go to the bathroom Scaredy tries to talk him out of it. But Dave says he'll use a pickle Jar then Sally and Scaredy agrees. Scaredy says he has to be careful then Dave opens the door to find Nestor waiting he throws the jar then goes to the bathroom. Sally then Flirts with Scaredy trying to win him over. Then Dave comes in Zombified. Scaredy then tries to make conversation. But Dave only Groans and then Scaredy tells Sally that he turned to one of them. Nestor comes in and Scaredy tells Nestor to meet Dave and they do the same thing as the Bunny did to the Guys. Then Scaredy has an idea he thinks that everyone is just hot. He then puts dave and Nestor into a Box and releases them into the exact part where the brainfreezer is. Both Dave and Nestor shake zombie hands while Scaredy grabs the Brainfreezer and tells Sally to open the doors Scaredy then Sprays everyone but to no effect. The Episode is ended with both Scaredy and Sally Running away from the zombified town.